The company Polski PCS Sp. Z o.o. was established on September 14, 2017 as a start-up organization to implement an IT project for the PCS (Port Community System) port community. The current shareholders of the Company are the Management Boards of the Seaports in Gdańsk Gdynia and Szczecin-Świnoujście. The task of Polski PCS is to create a digital communication support system and data exchange between participants of port traffic.

The basic task for the PCS system is to optimize the control of transport processes by collecting, combining and processing information about transport and everything related to logistics in one place. All because of the rapidly growing market and therefore also competitiveness. The most important points that will determine the path of development of seaports and shipping are: digitization and environmental protection. In the global world, it is impossible to remain competitive without innovative tools for the exchange of information, necessary to build an efficient and safe supply chain, and it is the protection of the environment that is the inherent, multifaceted effect of their use, regardless of the already implemented technologies dedicated to these sectors of maritime transport.

PCS system

The aim of the PCS project will be to increase the competitiveness of Polish seaports towards participants in international trade in goods. Using the experience of all Polish ports and other participants of the port community. The main reasons for the creation of PCS solutions are the following needs:

  • reducing the delay in the movement of loads
  • reducing inefficiencies in the port’s business processes
  • facilitating the smooth flow of electronic data
  • integrating and achieving compliance with national regulations and EU directives
  • increasing the quality of the information provided
  • increasing the operational efficiency of PCS users


Andrzej Zelek, CEO